Inner Conversations

How To Change Negative Inner Conversations

A change of circumstances does not bring about an improved life experience. We can change jobs or relationships, but we bring ourselves with us, and soon the new situation will feel and play out just like the old one did. Without changing our mood and inner conversations, our actions will not produce the desired changes and results. The outer world is a reflection of the inner. One of the best tools that I’ve discovered for changing ourselves is to change our inner conversations.

Why Being Stuck and Bored is a Mindset and How to Regain Interest in Life

It is easy to get lost in a forest by only looking down under our feet – careful, there is a root sticking out of the ground, don’t step into the puddle, don’t trip over that tree-stump. It’s the same story with feeling stuck in life. Being stuck means dreading getting up in the morning to relive the same day all over again. Work that slowly drains us of energy and leaves us depleted. When the highlight of the day is eating a large meal with a glass of wine and watching TV in the evening. When we have to physically exhaust ourselves for hours in gym just to numb our feelings. That’s stuck. And it’s a mindset.