Articles on Personal Change

Guiding Emotions

Guiding Emotions is the basic technique for feeling better – changing our perspective, disconnecting/disengaging from negative emotions and beliefs, releasing the old baggage and choosing how we feel and experience life.


Imagination is the tool we use for Guiding our Emotions and accomplishing Personal Change. It allows us to practice and get accustomed to different states of being – feeling, thinking, seeing and responding to life differently.

Inner Guidance

Imagination inadvertently us in touch with our Inner Guidance. Call it Soul, Inner Being, Higher Self, Guardian Angle or God – it is the greater part of our consciousness, our connection to All That Is. It knows us better than we ourselves do. It can – and does – guide us.

Personal Change

As a result of all of the above, we accomplish Personal Change. We change our state of being – how we feel and think about ourselves, the world and our place in it. Thus, we experience life differently – as we have consciously chosen. In short, we become and live the life we want and choose.