Why We Need Desires to Feel Alive

When do you feel most alive, happy and energized? When you are focusing upon some desire, something wanted, an improvement, a goal. Something that could or is about to happen and improve your life.

But as soon as it happens, as soon as it is a done deal, a fact – your enjoyment, happiness and energy level drops.

That should tell you something about a recipe for a happy and joyful life.

So why DO we need desires to feel alive?

Feel Alive

In short – it allows us to flow and focus our energy. That is what makes us feel alive, happy, energized and excited.

Observe your own life for evidence – you will notice that you, or people in your life, who have desires and goals and who believe they can achieve them are the happiest and most energetic. But when we don’t have any desires to focus upon, we lose zest for life, we become stale and disengaged from life.

Learn to Focus

Another benefit of having desires and pursuing them is that provides an opportunity to learn to focus and shape our thoughts, feeling and emotions. In other words, we can learn to focus and create with our thoughts and energy.

Listen to Your Self

And lastly, we can become acquainted with our feeling and emotions. We can allow ourselves to actually experience what we feel, to listen to our inner guidance. Thus become closer with our Self.

In short, desires are key to feeling alive, learning to focus and create with our thoughts, and to listen to our emotions, feelings and become more aligned with our Self

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