What is the Goal of Personal Transformation

Have you been wondering – why are you even bothering with all this spiritual or self-help stuff? What do you really hope to achieve? Is it real? Can it be measured? Are there any guarantees? Or is it just a waste of time and energy, a big fat lie?

Quo Vadis?

So, you are on a path of personal transformation. A spiritual journey. Your very own hero’s journey.

But what is your end goal, what is the purpose of this journey? Why are you on it? What’s in it for you? What do you hope to gain? Or what are you running away from?

Do you have a clear answer to these questions?

Misunderstanding and Frustration

Misunderstanding what personal transformation journey is all about can be a source of much pain and frustration.

It is not a goal to be achieved. It can not be measured. It is not a process that can be planned. And it definitely can not be seen by others.

In other words, it is not about getting a new car, job or body, that can be shown off to others and a source of approval and pride.

What Personal Transformation is NOT

It is not about personal development - about becoming a better version of your self.

It is not a success philosophy, not in the traditional sense.

It’s not positive thinking, as that is about putting a happy face sticker on your facade and remaining numb to one’s emotions, not listening to self.

What it is all about is ..

Brutal Honesty with Self

It’s about being brutally honest with yourself about who you really are. What matters to you. Who do you want to be - your personality, inner world, how you want to feel.

It has nothing to do with outer world and stuff.

Path of Mastery

The journey of personal transformation is a goalless path of mastery. It has no end. It has no goal.

It requires - it demands - a dedication to being true to yourself.

The reward is a new and deeper relationship with your Self. Rebirthing into your authentic self.

What it Means…

To be reborn, one has to die. It means letting go of everything else - of all beliefs, habits, values, personality - of your old life. Hence the ‘transformation’ in personal transformation.

Through this journey we become a completely new self.

Through Darkness into the Light

The journey creates turmoil in our lives and inner world. Our old self and life is uprooted. It has no goal and it never ends.

But this messy path through our consciousness gradually leads to a new understanding of ourselves and gives us lasting inner peace and happiness.

The answer - why are we on this journey and what is the purpose of it - is revealed only afterwards. We have to trust in our path.

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