I’ve been on a personal development – transformation, really – path for well over a decade. I’ve struggled with feeling lost and alone, anxiety, depression, general aimlessness and feeling like a total loser. Took guts – and reaching a personal low point in life – to begin looking within for the source of my misery and start changing myself. Taking it step by step, day by day.

My aim with this site is to provide tips and advice for someone who is on a similar journey, to grow it into a resource that would have helped me.

I’ve realised that the best teacher is within each of us, and we possess all the tools, knowledge and power to help ourselves – to feel better, be happy, have more energy, lead a meaningful life, to love and accept ourselves, to enjoy ourselves and life.

My journey is all about becoming that authentic self. Some days are better, other days I think I’m fooling myself. But looking back, I know I’m a totally different person than I was even just a couple of years back, so I keep going. There’s nothing really to lose.